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ChestQuest: Tournamet

ChestQuest is a clicking game based on competition, where players take on the role of brave pirates fighting to collect as many treasures as possible in each tournament cycle. Their goal is to achieve the highest rank by demonstrating speed and skill in treasure hunting.

Key features of the game:

  • Competition on the High Seas: In ChestQuest, players compete against each other to collect the greatest number of treasures within a set time frame, aiming to secure prestigious ranks in the leaderboard.
  • Race Against Time: Pirates must act swiftly and efficiently to gather as many treasures as possible before the end of the tournament. Every second counts!
  • Substantial Rewards: Players who attain top positions in the ranking receive substantial rewards that reflect their skills and efforts in the game.
  • Prepare for an exhilarating adventure in ChestQuest, where only the most adept pirates can lay claim to true wealth!

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TonShip Mini Games:

Gem Miner
TonShip Chest Digger

Token Information


Main Project Token, Deflationary Token. Every token burn takes place through purchase from the market and burning.

CA: EQA1jvPqRx6bujYohDny43hwX8FZr3b6OYnI3t2jHd4TXSJs

Max Supply - 100,000,000,000
Burned Suppły - 10,486,602,567 (10,48%)
Circulating Supply - 58,872,958,845 (58,87%)
Total Supply - 98,965,438,487.62 (98,96%)


This is a DAO token used for voting on the further development of the project. Through staking, token holders will in the future receive consistent bonuses derived from the profits of games, which will be collected into a single treasury. The $QUEST token will be available for acquisition through staking $SHIP.

CA: EQDTYWyIOlVUymsbUZpxz3n31J6pWsA_jtLm8Z7hDLWcfbNK

Max Supply - 10,000
Circulating Supply - 0 (0%)

NFT Collection

TonShip EcoSystem:

$SHIP Info:

Ton Viever
Dyor Ninja
Gecko Terminal
$SHIP Market:
Stonks Bot


Dedust (Main) (Second)

$SHIP Price Tracking:

Gecko Terminal
Dex Screener
$SHIP Locks:
LP Lock

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